Our Roman cuisine – Menù

“The best meal in Rome ever!” is the comment of many of our customers. For years we have been preparing dishes of the highest quality, thoroughly selecting the best seasonal produce that arrive fresh every morning.

In a peaceful atmosphere, greeted by friendly staff, you will enjoy a typical Roman menu that combines classic Roman recipes with a touch of innovation that transform the meal into an unforgettable experience.

The best Saltimbocca alla romana, Coda alla vaccinara, authentic Amatriciana, Roman-style Tripe, the perfect Carbonara, must-try traditional Cacio e pepe, Roman-style Artichoke… These are just some of the dishes on our menu.

Virginiae Restaurant is open for lunch and dinner, ready to introduce you to its cuisine.

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Traditional, genuine and tasty cuisine

It’s often said that you eat with your eyes first, but we like to think and emphasize that substance is and always remains the foundation of a good dish.

“In addition to the countless artistic attractions, Rome has an immense legacy of culinary tradition,” writes Bernardo De Luca in his book, which is why the Virginiae’s menu nourishes not only the eyes but also and mainly the belly, teasing the taste buds, mixing “ingredients and fresh produces that deliver aroma and flavour, creating alchemies of elements that awaken not only the palate, but involve all the senses and completely capture the mind”. For this reason, here at Virginiae Restaurant we are proud to host not only a vast array of tourists, curious to taste typical Roman cuisine, but also and especially Roman citizens, who, as true connoisseurs of tradition, have found the De Luca brothers’ restaurant a reliable and satisfying venue in which to enjoy typical local recipes.

Menu Cucina Romana Ristoranre Roma


Flavour, fragrance and friendliness

Here at Virginiae you can lose yourself in a timeless atmosphere, immersed in an elegant dance of flavours and fragrances that manages to distract you from the commotion of everyday life for a few moments. The owners Daniel and Bernardo, Silvano, the restaurant manager, the kitchen brigade and the entire team are ready to welcome you with a service that is elegant, pleasant and never intrusive. In this warm, clean and comfortable setting, they will make you taste the true Roman cuisine, genuine and refined, succulent and tasty.

For our team each customer is not a mere consumer but a guest to be respected, welcomed and delighted. For this reason the crew is close-knit and works hard, like a real family, and now and then you’ll even catch Bernardo De Luca himself, co-owner of the restaurant, lending his culinary knowledge in the kitchen, working as a chef.