Bernardo & Daniel

Owners and managers of Virginiae Restaurant, brothers Bernardo and Daniel De Luca have translated their passion for good food in a way to welcome, create connections and introduce their guests to typical Roman cuisine.

Bernardo de Luca e Daniel de Luca


These words are like a mantra for brothers Bernardo and Daniel De Luca, two Italian entrepreneurs who turned their love for hospitality into a job, making the Virginiae one of the best restaurants in Rome.

Combining a profound knowledge of traditional cuisine, a natural inclination to conviviality and their desire to forge new ties, as well as their extensive experience in hospitality, these brothers created an environment where the guest can taste authentic and genuine classic Roman flavours, welcomed and indulged with the same care and attention reserved for guests in one’s own home. Bernardo and Daniel De Luca have built a cheerful, enthusiastic and professional team, always ready to give a warm welcome to those who choose the Virginiae for their dining experience, winning their hearts and palates.

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L'amaro l'offrite voi? Bernardo de luca
Bernardo De Luca’s book

L’amaro l’offrite voi?

Patrons and adventures of a Roman restaurateur in Rome

Take the stories of the early days of this historic trattoria and how it became one of Rome’s most renowned restaurants, season with a pinch of irony, and a book is born.

With a clever and affectionate view, Bernardo De Luca paints a colourful, amusing and dazzling comédie humaine, hidden behind the doors of the Virginiae restaurant. A glimpse within the walls of a modern yet traditional business, aimed at celebrating a fascinating profession, a symbol of Italian excellence.
Between sparkling pages, bursting with truth and humor, De Luca recounts the most emblematic and funny episodes of his life as a restaurateur, coloured with witty reflections on what the business of hospitality means today.
From the “devoted customer menu” to the memorable night when the Virginiae reached the top of TripAdvisor’s list of the best restaurants in Rome, you will discover the world of reception, narrated by someone who has made good food and hospitality a way of life and has learnt, service after service, to make the customers feel at home, putting them at the center a true culinary experience.